Snowbird Update: Mountain Coaster!

Greg LimeberryI am so proud to be an employee at Snowbird, it is truly an awesome place to work.  The mountain is absolutely unbelievable, the staff is wonderful; all of them friendly, great people who are thrilled to be working there and are dedicated to their jobs, we have beautiful lodges, and the food is delicious! I mention the food because after long days of skiing non-stop, it’s part of the job I really look forward to!  Snowbird is always looking for ways to improve itself, so I thought my blog page would be a good place to introduce to you guys one of the new (and in my opinion, coolest) additions to the mountain.

A few weeks ago, Snowbird opened a mountain roller coaster that gives the rider a scenic tour of the mountain.  Through the the trees, up and down slopes, amazing views- this ride is one of a kind.  What makes it even cooler is that the rider is in control of the speed of their trip- using special controls on their cart they can increase or decrease the speed of the ride.

Each cart seats two people, so if you’re a speed demon on rides you had better pair up with someone with similar sentiments!  The ride starts out by slowly climbing a ramp that reaches a peak of 160 feet.  When the cart tips over the edge of this peak, the cart is carried down Greg Limeberrythe mountain by the force of gravity.  The ride is somewhat of a simulation of skiing or snowboarding down the mountain, but it allows the rider more of an opportunity to take in the beautiful sights as they pass.  The ride is about 5 minutes total, depending on how fast or slow the rider chooses to go.  Either way, it’s an experience you will not want to miss.

The coaster is 3,120 feet, and ends at the base of the Peruvian Express chairlift.  What’s really awesome about this new addition to the mountain is that Snowbird is planning on keeping the coaster open year-round during the day.  For a place that’s stunningly beautiful in all seasons, this will allow for the riders to get unique views and experiences of the mountain and for them to see the changes in the mountain throughout the year.