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Greg Limeberry


Greg Limeberry is a ski patrolman from Utica, New York.  While there isn’t much going on in Utica, it is known for its snowy winters, which Greg Limeberry took full advantage of.  Learning to ski at a young age, Greg Limeberry fell in love with the sport. After graduating college, Greg Limeberry moved out west and worked at a number of various ski resorts in order to make money to pay rent, and simply so he could ski as much as possible.  Eventually he realized that skiing was all he ever really wanted to do, so he became a ski patrolman at Snow Bird mountain, and now he gets to live out his dream every single day.

When he isn’t skiing, although there is not a lot of time when he isn’t, Greg Limeberry loves to travel.  He is a big fan of traveling to locations that embrace the outdoors and involve exploring relatively uncharted territory.  He loves to hike, camp and explore, as well as incorporate anything active, like camping, swimming, or biking, into his travels.  He tries to go on new trips each year, and has some pretty incredible experiences under his belt already.  To learn more about Greg Limeberry, his pursuits as a ski patrol man and his travels, check out his pages below! Thanks for stopping by!

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